School Profile

School Profile

School Profile

Our purpose at Churchill Public School is to provide an environment that is responsive to the needs of our students. We are committed to promoting positive attitudes and strive for the highest possible academic and personal achievements for all students. A caring environment is a strong characteristic of our school.

Churchill Public School has a student population of 428. With four Grade 7 and three Grade 8 classes, we represent the largest intermediate population in the Rainbow District School Board. We draw Grade 7 and 8 students from the New Sudbury and Minnow Lake areas.

Our school also offers Kindergarten to Grade 6 programming, in both single and split grade classes, and draws younger students from areas north of the Kingsway, south of Lasalle Boulevard, east of Notre Dame Avenue and west of Falconbridge Road. Three additional classes for students with special needs are also vital parts of the Churchill Public School community.

Many extra-curricular activities and special events add richness to a student’s life at Churchill and are supported by a strong parent and community partnership.

Churchill Public School offers the “Balanced Day” schedule. The students participate in two 40 minute nutrition and activity breaks throughout the day, rather than the traditional recesses and lunch hour. Pizza lunches are available once a week for a nominal fee. There is also a daily milk and snack programme. A Breakfast Programme run by staff and volunteers is provided free of charge daily from 8:05 am to 8:20 am.

Licensed childcare services are offered at Churchill Public School through the Sudbury YMCA. Preschool care, full day childcare on K off days and a Before and After School Program (7:00 a.m. to 6:00 pm) can be accessed at Churchill Public School by contacting the Sudbury YMCA.

Churchill Public School is home to New Sudbury’s Best Start Hub, a family centre in the school that offers pre-school children and their families a place to meet, to learn and to grow together. The goal of the Hub is to help create a Best Start for every child. It offers free programs where all children are welcomed into an enriched family-learning environment. Experienced and caring staff offer resources on child care and pre-school learning programs. The Hub helps to create a Best Start for children by providing support to families by offering a broad range of services that will ensure that children from birth to 6 years of age receive the best possible opportunities. This is achieved through a strong partnership between the Hub, the school, child care centres, community agencies and organizations, and more.

Churchill Public School’s focus on success for all provides the cornerstone for all decisions made and programs offered. A multi-talented teaching staff, caring and competent non-teaching staff, and a strong parent / community relationship make Churchill Public School a great place to be.